Read/Write Alarm Priority

v8.1.4, I’m trying to read, and then ultimately write, the priority of a configured alarm.

path = 'MyTagPath'
alarm = system.tag.getConfiguration(path)
print alarm[0]['priority']

and get KeyError: ‘priority’. I tested [‘name’] and that works.
How can I get the value for priority?

Looks like you can get access to it to read via system.tag.readBlocking…


However it doesn’t seem like writing to it is supported.

Thank you. I was way off.

I noticed this post, Alarm Priority Type Error
Can we not write to the priority anymore?

It was easier to create my own associated data that I can easily read/write.

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This is what I ended up doing to write to alarm properties as well, for what its worth. I drafted a couple posts to suggest doing this, but was hoping someone might come along with a more correct/streamlined solution. Glad you got it working.