Read/Write engineering limit for a tag

Hi all, is there a way to read/write by scripting the engineering limits for a tag? system.tag.getConfiguration doesn’t give those informations, and for the writing part? Maybe i can use system.tag.configure, but how to configure the tag with my customized limits?

You can just directly write to the sub property of the tags; if you only need to update a single value, that’s probably the easiest way:
system.tag.writeAsync(["[default]testTag.EngLow"], [50])

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Perfect, many thanks :slight_smile:
I’d like to manipulate even other sub properties, are those sub properties documented? or is there a way to know the sub properties names?

The tag property page in the documentation (here) should help.

Don’t know how I couldn’t find it, thank you! :slight_smile:

Also, in 8.0.3+ they should just be listed, so you can expand a tag in the tag browser, then right click -> Copy Path. Works for UDT parameters, too.

Just installed the RC2, that’s great! many thanks for the support :slight_smile:

Thank you PGriffeth…

Not the same at all, but do you know why I can write to the engineering properties, but not historyEnabled. Through the mqtt engine via sparkplugB?

Nope, but it’s going to depend a lot on your Ignition version and your version of the MQTT modules.

Hi @PGriffith @nick.schuetz @nminchin @
We are writing custom javascript code to create a groupid/nodeid/device & we are able to update the value of memory tag under the device. But when we are trying to update the sub-properties of memory tag (EngHigh, EngLow, etc… ) it is not updating value :(.

We are trying in below format in Javascript : let msg={};
msg[‘Current’][‘value’]=90 //Updating the Memory Tag value
msg[‘Current’][‘engHigh’]=990 //It is not updating the Engineering High Value
Above this code is failing . This is roadblocker for us. Please suggest some solution how ignition excepts payload from custom javascript