Read, Write Tag Values, part 2

Hello all,

This is the view:

This is the view params:

Each tag (34 total) was made with a UDT, and has three parameters that I need to utilize.
Percentage - which are the decimal values displayed, and further displayed in the pink box (decimal values)
Volts - which is only displayed in the yellow box (decimal values)
Enabled - which is indicated by the color of the Percent labels (values: 0 or 1)

The label shown with "CZ01" displayed, is linked to view parameter zoneKey, which is part of a tag name, so we know which area we are adjusting. Con and Bay are used to tell us which side of the machine we are adjusting.

The labels on the left side of the view, with decimals, are bound to tags. The center column is for an area description. When the decimal label is clicked, the view parameter is updated to the area description, i.e. CZ01. This is also a part of each tag's name, which allows me to use indirect binding to the pink and yellow components. The "Enable/Disable" button text is also bound to a view parameter, to indicate if the tag is enabled or disabled. So far so good.

I don't know if I am making this harder than it should be or am I following the right path?

Also, I noticed that the binding on the yellow box, won't allow for bi-directional.

I want to:

  • use the plus/minus button to increment the values in the yellow box
  • when the values change, write that value to the current tag
  • use the Enable button to change the enable value in the current tag

I appreciate your time and feedback!