Reading a wireless meter

Can Ignition read a wireless meter? I want to use a meter to collect electrical data and need to do it wireless

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Probably. Depends on the models and protocols and network equipment involved. Provide more specific information to get better answers.

good advise, I am a rookie at is what I am looking at
Connect2Assets is a software that integrates data from SCADA, PLC, BMS, and similar systems into the eMaint CMMS.

Here’s how it works: eMaint connects to your SCADA system with the help of Connect2Assets—giving you access to temperature, water flow, pipe pressure, and more asset data

Ignition is a SCADA system. What's the relationship between your wireless data connection needs and this other software?

We use Ignition in 6 of our manufacturing plants. I want to be able to collect data from my motors for their electric use..there is a Fluke meter that collects the data wireless and uses the SCADA system..I was wondering if I can add the meters to my Ignition system to see on my dashboard

Meter model # please.

Either the Setra power meter


a dent power scout 3037

Well, the Setra apparently comes with Modbus TCP, so hooking to Ignition would be trivial. Just need a WiFi adapter at the meter to make it wireless.

{ The multiple-load units look particularly nice. }

Thank you, I like both but have really come to use and discover the Ignition benefits, many thanks for your assistance

Looks like these are Modbus TCP as well.