Reading an Ignition from an AB Contrologix PLC

Recent IT changes are requiring all communication between SCADA and PLC to be read only. Is there a way to monitor a tag in the Ignition project from an AB PLC?

Yes, you can use Adapter mode of my EtherNet/IP driver to mimic a real PLC, and have the true PLC use Message Instructions to pull from Ignition.

I would go further to say your IT department is being more than a bit ridiculous. The "SC" in "SCADA" is supervisory control, which obviously cannot be conducted without writing control values.

Having the PLC "pull" values from SCADA is no more secure than having selected PLC tags be writable for Ignition.


When you say “my Ethernet I/P” driver, what exactly are you referring to? Sorry for my ignorance.

No worries. This:

And "EtherNet/IP" is the proper spelling.

I second this whole heartily. Sounds like some one is making rules for things they don't understand.


Exactly! If they have any other HMI software there as well, like PanelViews, there's no way to do it. Unless they have local HMIs that allow R/W, but they have a corporate SCADA system that they only want to have read-only access to the PLC. That scenario makes more sense.