Reading and Writing to the EEPROM card thru Keithley module

We have probecard with EEPROM memory that we are reading from and writing value to.
The vendor supplies DLL allowing to read/write value to the memory.

The software engineer is able to write C# application as well as JavaScript and simple webpage to do the reading/writing.

For the webpage(JavaScript), it’s just a simple form with fields. User enters values and click button to write data to the memory.

Our department develops Ignition application for other purposes but there is a new request to integrate read/write functionality to our Ignition application.

I’m seeking an easier route by trying to use web browser module. I was thinking that whatever it’s running in the web page, should be fine with the web browser component; unfortunately, it’s not.
Looking into the Javascript and I found that the ActiveXObject is being used which I believe that it’s not supported anymore.

After extensive searching in forum, I know that ctype is limited in Jython.
Native Java might be another alternative but I’m not certain.

Anyone has any suggestion what should I do?

Gateway 7.8.4
Java 8_91
Web Browser module 2.8.2 (b2016030813)

[quote]Message from click Read button through Web Browser component
04:14:50 INFO: READ: OnRunJavaScriptDialogMessage{type=OnRunJavaScriptDialog, uid=149, dialogId=1, originURL=‘http://chimpv2s107/’, acceptLang=’’, messageType=0, messageText=‘undefined’, defaultPromptText=’’, isReload=false}, SocketInfo{channelId=0, browserId=0, channelType=Browser}[/quote]

function readPcEEPROM ( )
// Allocate and initialize
var dio = new ActiveXObject(“Kdio.KeithleyDio”);
var ll = new ActiveXObject(“LowLevel.Feature”);
var mb = new ActiveXObject(“Motherboard.Motherboard”);
ll.SetDigitalInterface(“KPCI3160 0 0”, dio);
mb.Interface = ll;

// create output object
var argsOut = new Object();

code = mb.ReadProbecardEEPROM(argsOut);			
if ( code )
throw new Error ( code, "Failed Reading Probecard EEPROM" );

pcType.value = argsOut.ProbeCardType;
pcTypeRevision.value = argsOut.ProbeCardRevision;
pcMfg.value = argsOut.ProbeCardManufacturer;
pcSN.value = argsOut.ProbeCardSerialNumber;
pcDeploymentTS.value = argsOut.ProbeCardDeploymentTS;
pcEditorUserID.value = argsOut.EditorUserID;
pcSpareField.value = argsOut.SpareField;
pcComment.value = argsOut.Comment;	
catch (e)


Not only can you not use ActiveX technologies within Java, you can’t call DLLs from Jython. You would have to write/acquire a “JNI” bridge from Java to this product’s DLLs, and wrap that JNI and its associated Java classes in an Ignition third-party module.