Reading CLICK Modbus Analogs

I’m trying to read a couple of analog values from a CLICK plc. I am able to read and write the discrete vales but all analog values I try to read come back as 0. I have tried reading the address 428673 as both Float and Double, as well as Int but it still comes back as 0. Any ideas as to what I am doing wrong

Well, in the setup you posted a picture of you’re reading starting from address 73. Have you tried changing the start address to 28673 instead? Also, stick with Float.

Now I am reading data, but the numbers are really big “Value: 5.524223E16”.

You may need to play with zero-based addressing setting. It’s in the advanced area, try disabling it.

That did it. Any idea as to why I am losing my decimal place even though it’s set at float?

Your decimal should be there, but if it’s a 0 it’s not being displayed in the SQLTags browser. If you’re displaying the tag in a component on a window you may need to play with the display format.