Reading client status with httpGet

Hi all,

Is it possible to read http://localhost:8088/main/data/vision/status/sessions with httpGet?

response ="http://localhost:8088/main/data/vision/status/sessions", username = un ,password = pw)

I’ve made a few attempts but always receive “IOError: Server returned HTTP response code: 403 for URL: http://localhost:8088/main/data/vision/status/sessions/” which seems to be authentication.

You would need to have a valid session ID cookie. Obtaining one is not trivial - for now, at least, you’ll need to make a separate request to the authentication endpoint, then use the JSESSIONID cookie used during that request to issue your actual request to the API endpoint.

Thank’s for your answer.

I managed to get the cookie, but I’m not sure how to pass that cookie when calling httpGet?

You can manually specify your JSESSIONID by passing a Cookie: JSESSIONID=<yourID> header in your POST.

I’ll try that tomorrow.