Reading Custom Property Values In Expression - Noob

I apologize for the total noob question here but searching for an example for the past 2 hours pushed me to post…

I have several custom properties I created a for rectangle on a template. I just want to compare a value of one of the string custom properties so I can set an integer based custom property based on the strings value.

I believe my issue is that I am not reading the string value properly but my lacking syntax knowledge is crippling me…

if ({Mach_1040.Container.Port1.Monitor} = "YES", {Mach_1040.Container.Port1.Port_Status} = 0, {Mach_1040.Container.Port1.Port_Status} = 3)
Expression editor accepts this but I don’t get the desired changes in the Port_Status property. I believe I am not truly reading the string custom property Port1.Monitor value so it never evaluates the condition. Equally I doubt I am setting the integer custom property value of Port_Status properly…

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated…

Put your expression on the Binding Properties of the Port_Status.

Code would look like:

if({Root Container.Container.Monitor} = 'YES',0,3)


yep yep… over thinking it again… code below works great… thanks! :smiley:

if ({Mach_1040.Container.Port1.Monitor} = 'YES', 0, 3)