Reading Excel data into Ignition

I am looking at importing data from an old Excel-based Tracking system into Ignition.
the solution has to read Excel files in native format, preferably while the the spreadsheet is open on another computer if possible, because I need to leave the old system in place and running as I migrate to my new system over time.
I have seen several topics similar to this on this forum (reading Excel Data), but the resolutions are not good for me.(exporting to a CSV file, adding a new module, or building one of my own using the SDK)
I think I should be able to use the python module “pylightxl” but I don’t seem to be able to get that to work in side of Ignition Scripting.
any help is greatly appreciated.

Using Apache POI, which is now bundled with Ignition.

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Hi, looks like ‘‘util.printDataSet.’’ is probably a user custom script called into the code? Looking to do the same thing, I want to import data from a excel ‘’.xls’’ or ‘‘xlsx’’.
Thanks for your help!!

That thread also links to the printDataset function, but has nothing to do with making the dataset itself. :wink:

Thanks found everything! Wasn’t able to see the whole thread. :sweat_smile:

Hey Jordan, I’m stuck on this error. Are you able tell what i’m doing wrong?

The cell you are trying to get data on is returning None (null in Python-ese)

Figured it out thanls!

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