Reading floats from Kepware

A customer is trying to read floats from a Mitsubishi Q series via Kepware 6.4’s Mitsubishi Ethernet driver. The data is in a ‘D’ register.

If they set up the tags first in Kepware then Ignition displays the point as a float as requested. If they don’t set up the tag but try to read the ‘D’ register directly with the Ignition SQLTag Data Type set to ‘Float’, the data is always displayed as an integer. It’s like Kepware is ignoring the Data Type completely.

I’m aware that with native Ignition drivers like the Modbus driver you can apply type conversion in the address, but I thought OPC UA tags had their own type.

Has anyone had a similar experience?

The Kepware docs for the Mitsubishi driver say the default datatype for a dynamically defined tag in the Data Registers is Short, so everything is working as expected.

There might be some special syntax you can use to tell Kepware you want a different datatype, something like D1000@Float… but I’m not certain. It would be Kepware-specific.

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Thanks Kevin, that seems to work as long as you keep the Ignition Data Type matching.

Today I had exactly the same problem:
Tag in Ignition would read D8046 as Short until I added ‘@Long’ at the end: