Reading Modbus Register List on OPC Tags

Hello everybody,

I have a energy analyzer connected to the machine from which I want to read values via ignition OPC.
It is connected via modbus and register list below. I have checked the modbus adressing but I am a bit confused and not sure I am reading correctly. Could you help me how to read these?

I would say that doc is bogus/broken. It shows function code 0x10 for read-only values. Function code 0x10 is used to write to holding registers. They've also written "Unit" where "UInt" was intended.

Aside from that, it appears to be a fairly normal "zero-based" setup. All of these would use variations of the HR prefix, and use the decimal start address column as the offset. The prefix variation would be chosen to match the data type. HRUS for UInt16, HRUI for UInt32, and HRUI_64 for Uint64. Like so:

  • HRUS61448
  • HRUI_6461449
  • HRUI61465

You would then use linear scaling from integer to double in Ignition's tag configuration to apply the engineering unit definitions where needed.