Reading Siemens Int Data Types

I am trying to read the below tags from PLC:


However, I get the message below:

Below is the OPC Item Path:


If I have a %MW30 Tag with Int datatype, is the syntax for that tag in Ignition [DeviceName]MI30?

Sorry if this has been asked already.

Sorry to ask the obvious but Did you try [DeviceName]MW30 ?

And you have other tags working so it’s not a connection issue ?

To read the value as a signed Integer MI30 is correct, but MW30 should also be working.
Did you adjust the security settings as described in this knowledgebase article?

I have tried [DeviceName]MW30 and the issue is still there. Interesting thing is my boolean tags are working fine.

I adjusted the security settings and the issue is still there. Do you know what else could cause it? Is my syntax wrong?

I figured out what the solution was, there was a trailing space on the OPC Server name

I just deleted space in the OPC Server name:


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