Reading SLC I files

I am having a problem reading SLC I files. If I enter something like I:1.0 it will return the correct value. If I enter I:1.1 I still get the 1.0 value from the SLC. If I enter a non-existent address the value stays null as expected. This does not happen with N files but I have not tested other types (I just started playing with ignition).

Also, when browsing the OPC server the I file displays items like I:1 all the way up to I:163. There are not 163 words in the I file and that is not the way I files are addressed. Clicking an item and pressing OK does not populate the Item Path either.

Anyone have an idea what is wrong?

Unfortunately, reading I and O files may not work sometimes. You can’t specify what input and output cards you have for the SLC in Ignition which means we may not read the file correctly. It is best to map I and O tags to other tags such as N and F.

If you really need to read I and O files you can use a 3rd party OPC server such as Kepware.

Travis, thanks for the info. Modifying the code is pretty straight forward. Yet another reason to get away from SLCs.