Reading/Writing to ASCII registers in a PLC5

I’m told the native IA OPC UA driver for PLC5’s cannot read/write to ASCII registers and the solution is to either purchase RSLinx or Kepware to read the 5 tags that I need. Please say it isn’t so!

I have a PLC5 80/E, nothing fancy, with a couple of addresses in A210 that I’m trying to read and write out of.
According to RSLinx OPC Client:
A210:1 = ED
A210:2 = CB
A210:3 = A
A210:1, SC3 = EDCBA

And in Kepware:
A210:1/1 = E
A210:1/5 = EDCBA

Is there no equivalent in Ignition?


I think you already talked to support, but for anyone else out there: it doesn’t look like these are supported right now.