Reading WSTRING data from Siemens S7-1500 PLC

My Ignition version is 8.1.3, recently I had to add a Siemens PLC (ET-200SP) S7-1510 PLC to the Ignition devices. The connection is working, I can get all the numerical data (Integer and float) in to Ignition, but no luck with getting WSTRING data. I was reading in Siemens web site that WSTRING is a string made up of Words and first 2 words contains maximum and used words. With all these information, I tried adjusting the offset and length, but I can get blank only. Ignition is not picking any error. If anyone can throw some light that would be great…

If you are using an Ignition Siemens driver then you’re out of luck (AFAIK).
It doesn’t support WSTRING, only STRING…

Then again… why do you need WSTRING? Chinese characters?
If you absolutely need WSTRING, then PLC’s on-board OPC UA server is the solution…
(even Kepware Siemens driver doesn’t support WSTRING…)

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Thankyou. It is because of OEM. I have get in touch with them and request that variable changed to to STRING.