ReadOnly local history provider

Ignition 8.1.17.

Hello everybody.

We migrate our databse server (MS-SQL) to a new Always-On environnement. We now have 2 fully synchronized database server. One primary that can accept read/write queries and a secondary that can accept read only queries.

I began to swith many SQL queries to the secondary server to remove some workload to the primary server. I did that by duplicating the most occupied database connection. As an example, I have DB1 and DB1_ReadOnly.

It helps a lot because our old server was quite busy holding Ignition database, but also others databases.

Now my question is: Can I redirect the historian queries (SELECT only) to the secondary server? It seems there is no options to create a local read-only historical provider.

In a perfect world, I'd like to do the same with the alarm journal and direct the select queries to the read only connection that point to the read only DB server.


If you haven't already figured this out then this would best be directed to Inductive Automation Support.

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