Real tag display formats?


I am reading a Real tag from my S7-1200 PLC, and it is been display with format: Decimal ''106,535,320", and I will prefer show it as a floating point value "1".

I do not have issues when I read integer values

As you see by the pictures, the display format is what is different. I just want to change it from Decimal to Floating point

Thank you guys!!

Is this Vision or Perspective? Please add the tag to your question.

What does this mean?

In TIA portal I changed the display format by: right click >>Display format> and then selecting what ever I prefer between the options. In TIA portal if I pick Decimal it gives me "106,535,320" and if I select Floating point it gives me 1.0

I want to know if there is an option to do the same with Ignition, Ignition is only displaying "106,535,320"

Thank you for bearing with me, I am new with Ignition!!!

The tag's type depends on your OPC item path. Do you want to use "MREAL"? What's the Portal tag type?

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Like magic, I changed the MD14 for MREAL14, and it worked !!

Thank you!

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