Real time chart without historian module

Hi. I tryed make a chart in real time, but when i drag and drop the tag over the easy chart or chart, don’t appear anything. Appear the data when enabled the historian option (in the tags options), but a don’t want use this module. I have the easy chart in real time mode.

You have to use database pens, and you’ll have to either use the SQL Bridge module (extra charge) or scripting (no extra charge) to write your tag values into your database.

You won’t be able to use tagPens and their out-of-the-box support for drag-n-drop. (You can script drag-n-drop support for DB pens, but you need your own configuration storage.)

What’s wrong with using the historian module, I’m assuming the extra (small) cost?

Yes, that’s the principal situation. But it’s ilogical don’t have a simple real time chart. I only need one chart with one variable.

Well if there is only one variable I don’t see the need of drag and drop, and either the usage of a easy chart, since you don´t want to use historian.
You can use script on your variable tag to push data to a memory dataset type tag. Set a buffer data size in this memory dataset tag and bind it to a chart component Data property, not easy chart.

Pssst! See the recorder() function from my Simulation Aids module.

The situation is that not even the simple graph lets me do it. it’s the same situation, I need the historian module.

I don’t understand your point, how is it not letting you a simple graph? If you need historian then use it.

No, you don’t. You need it if you wish to record using the convenient settings in the tag editor. And if you wish to use built-in drag-n-drop onto charts.

That’s not the only way to store samples into your DB. The SQL Bridge module offers Transaction Groups. You can also write your own jython scripts to either store data when tags change or store data on a time interval. The SQL Bridge module is only slightly cheaper than the Tag Historian module, so if $$ matter per deployment, you should consider writing scripts.

For either alternative to the Historian, drag-n-drop onto Vision charts can be supported with custom scripting. The Tag Historian relieves you of a bunch of headaches for most applications. If that’s you, buy it.

Hi ,
is there a way to reset the dataset generated by recorder?

I use it inside a popup to display the last points of a tag with a Graph, and I would like that when I open the popup it does not keep the old values, but that it starts again from row 0 with clean dataset.

How to do?

Use the recorder() expression function on a dataset property within the popop, instead of on a tag.

I have used inside popup custom Property , but when i close and reopen it, dataset will not reset, keep old values.

I don’t understand why. Have you some ideas?

Cache mode on the window, perhaps?

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Yes… I have change policy to auto… Set to Never and will Work … Thanks a lot :pray: