Really Basic Ignition Edge Panel questions

I have a few questions that I've been unable to find the answers for. It might be too basic and I'm not sure how to ask, but I'm interested in using Edge Panel as an HMI like a Panelview Plus.

So if I were to approach a Panelview Plus project, I'd load up View ME Studio and start developing. I don't need to have the terminal physically with me to do it. Then I create a runtime file, use the utility to download it to the Panelview when I do have it, and then I'm off and running.

What is the workflow to do the same thing with Edge Panel? Where does the app development happen? Does it happen in Designer on my laptop or do I need to have the terminal physically in my presence to develop an app for it? Do I need to install the Gateway on the terminal and then connect to that with my laptop? Do I set up a VM with an Edge Gateway installed and do my project development there?

Development will happen in the Ignition designer, which will be on your laptop. The designer is fetched from the gateway. You do not need the terminal physically in your presence to develop a project.

For initial setup of the HMI device, yes. Your HMI device will need to have the licensed edge gateway installed on it.

For development:

Do this with as close to real world replication of devices as possible.(even if its just simulator devices) You can develop on the trial license, which is how many people develop projects even with the full version of Ignition. You just have to reset the trial every 2 hours.

Only use the VM to host the trial gateway, you can then connect your designer to that trial instance. This allows you to develop/test changes after you have your HMI device set up without impacting production.

Once you have finished development, export the project from your dev instance and import it into the edge gateway on your HMI device.

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