Realtime Alarm Journal Inconsistent Display

I’ve been experimenting with new alarm setups and pipelines on our test server all morning, and now the alarm journal component in Perspective is showing odd behavior which might be a bug. I have it set to show me the most recent 1 hour of realtime events, but otherwise no filtering or sorting.

Just sitting on a page showing this component, the list of alarms keeps flipping back and forth between two different sets of alarm events every few seconds. There is a lot of overlap between the two lists, but there are definitely differences as well, with a few unique items in each set.

I tried restarting the alarm reporting module and also force refreshing my Perspective session, but the behavior is still happening.

Is there a reasonable explanation as to why this might be happening? Is this possibly a bug? Is there some way to correct it?

I am running Ignition 8.0.12.

Cleared the alarm cache as described in this post and it seems to have fixed the issue. Not sure if it was stopping/restarting the server or clearing the cache that did it, but it’s better now.