Realtime tag interaction from the alarm pipeline


I defined a pipeline that starts with a delay and after which we should take a branch depending on another tag value.
Using alarm associated data to reference this later tag name, it seems its value is sampled while entering into the pipeline (i.e. before the delay) and not after the delay.
How to fix that ?

Moreover how to set another tag value from within the pipeline ? Should I use a script for it ?

Thank you for your answers,


I figured out how to proceed.
The point is that Ignition looks super simple till you start playing with scripts :confused: and try to figure out how get data out of it…

Got the alarm state from system.alarm.queryStatus() as the branching condition and then used system.tag.write() to write the output. To make it reusable, I did write it as a shared function called from the pipeline with the event as parameter.

Learnt smthg ! :/