Realtime Tag Provider Tag Editing Role(s)

Hi All,

I’m migrating a vision project from version 7.9.7 to version 8.1.3. The application has a dedicated realtime tag provider and is secured using the Tag Editing Role(s). The vision client also uses scripting to create recipe tags when new equipment is configured. When these 2 configurations match, the tags are protected in the in the designer and still editable using the vision client.

The realtime tag security implies that it wants to use an identity provider but my vision client is using the classic configuration of an active directory user source. I experimented with many configurations but the only way I can get the client to work is to leave the tag provider configuration unprotected.

Now that we have identity providers, we are forced to use them to protect the gateway. I created one that was Ignition type so that I could use my AD user source to protect the gateway.

When configuring realtime tag providers in version 8.1.3, it looks like I have to use an identity provider for the role. Can I still reference AD roles like in previous versions? If not how do I know which identity provider it is referencing here? Can I still have the same protection and flexibility in version 8.1.3 that my application was using in version 7.9.7?

So far, the only way to get the vision client to edit tags is to leave the realtime tag provider unprotected. I would prefer not to do this as there are several projects and developers with access to the gateway.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

Bruce Burton

Just an observation around this.
Do you have a role named “APP-AN-DIV-Ignition-Gateway-Administrator” like the whole name is a single string?
If those are multiples roles, you MUST separate then with commas “,” NO with hyphens “-”, at designer and at gateway configs.

Yes, that is one role. Once I have it working in v8.1.3 I plan to expand to multiple roles.