Realtime Tag Provider

Hi everyone, I have a project that was created years ago with roughly 7,000 tags. When the project was originally setup the Realtime Tag Provider name was left as ‘default’. I would like to rename this provide to another name, but when doing so, all of my project components break their connection. Is there a way for me to make mass edits to all of these component tag bindings or is this a tedious task of going one by one? Thanks

You are toast. Probably.

Projects have default tag provider setting. Tag Bindings that do not explicitly identify the tag provider will use that one.

If the original designer took that default, you can expect (most of) your bindings to work when you rename the provider, if you then also fix that project setting.

Otherwise, search for [default] to find most of the hardcoded uses.

Thanks, that actually did the trick. Changing the name and the provider used on the Project. Bindings to my components were restored.