"Reason code -1" Error for Downtime

I’m currently running a trial of the MES modules, and I have a weird error popping up. On my downtime reports I have multiple occurrences of “Reason description not found.” Looking at the console, this corresponds with errors of [xxxx Line]“Reason code -1 description could not be found. Please check defined reason codes.”

All lines are set to Line State. I am reading in a state tag from the PLC, then using a Tag Event Value Changed script to check for initialChange and quality.isGood and then writing the value to the state tag used for the State SQL Tag.

Has anyone else seen behavior like this? I’ve just turned on history for the state tags to try and catch if it is actually changing to -1, but won’t have any data for a while yet.

We have also been experiencing something similar, although we get Reason Code -200. We are still investigating whether it is a PLC logic problem or not though.