Receive an access level error while writing to a tag

I try to wright to a tag, even though it's security wright permissions are set to public I receive error message regarding security level: "The access level does not allow writing to the node.

What's the plc? Is it set to have write access in the plc? (applies to logix, not sure about anything else) would apply to OPC UA servers if they're set to read only

The connection is to by Modbus TCP OPC UA. I could change the values prior to configuring user access levels. But now I can't even though the access level is set to public, and the tag is not read only.
Anyway, the PLC is not Allen Bradly.

Show the actual OPC Item Path you used (or from the mapping if you used a mapping).

Did you change your tag provider write permissions? Can you write to any tags? memory for example?

I can wright to memory tags, anyway, I've added the security levels to the "Tag Wright Permission" and chose the "Must belong to at least one", still can't wright

Hi, do you mean:

Yes. Which of those are you trying to write to? If FA_001 at the bottom, it would be expected.

I know that I'm writing to a holding register. The problem is that I can't write to ANY OPC tags in the whole project. I have a lot of connected devices. To a memory tag I can write. Maybe some configuration I need to do to enable the writing. But I can't find any.

Check this:

It is configured "false"

Well, I'm stumped. You should call support and have them look over your shoulder.

Appreciate your help. I'll try to get support from the ignition support team.
Thank you very much.

Good morning Anna. Are you trying to write in Designer or in the Vision Client?
You might want to look at the project permissions.

you don't need to put anything in the roles, but the box must be checked.
Not sure if will help, but worth a try.

Good Morning, found the problem, tried to write to an input register accidently, sorry.

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