Receive HTTP data

I have a wifi connected temperature sensor that has the ability to send its temp data via HTTP GET or HTTP POST. Is there any way to have Ignition receive the HTTP data and store it in a tag?

Thanks in advance

Run a gateway timer script that uses httpClient(). Write results to a memory tag.

Also, GET and POST are request verbs; your temperature sensor (almost certainly) isn’t pushing data anywhere, it’s just making it available to be requested.

That’s what I though. Which is why the manual for the temp sensor is confusing me.

Any thoughts?

Huh, so it does appear to actually be broadcasting. You would probably want Webdev to handle those pushes, then; just set up a Python resource and you can parse the incoming URL parameters and log them into tags/whatever else you want to do. Technically you might be able to construct a Perspective page that handles the URL parameters accordingly, but it would be somewhat fragile and very confusing to set up.

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Hi @jd1, I am looking at a similar application. Did you end up having to use the WebDev module? or did you manage to retrieve the data using the httpClient() funcation?


As @PGriffith noted, from the manual info posted, that device is sending the data with HTTP. So the WebDev module is required to receive. httpClient (and the older httpPut/httpGet) are initiators, not receivers.

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We ended up going a different route, and I never did get this working unfortunately.

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