Recipe Managment - Recipe Selection

I am trying to select a recipe based on a value change from a tag in a PLC. I am trying to set a script in Tag Event Scripts from right clicking the tag and editing the tag. I want to select a recipe from the Value Changed. There are 9 recipes. I’m not sure how I would go about selecting the recipe if the value is changed, or how to get the Recipe Selector to change with the value change.

It might be a late response as i just come across with your query, because I am also planning to build a recipe management module in IA. Latest SFC module could be an easy tool to do this and is on Ignitiion 8.0., there you can build any number of steps to execute each task as it needed. Or another option is to build this recipe in PLC with a start bit for each steps and turn on the start bit as you needed.
I wish IA releases a recipe management package at the earliest to ignition.