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We are using Ignition version 7.8.2, Recipe Version 1.8.2 (b6075) and User Manual (MES) 1.8.2 (b6071).

We are not able to find “system.recipe.updateRecipeValueSecurity” script function in user manual but function is available.

We found latest user manual on Sepasoft’s Website.
Example code given in the manual is not working, corrected code is as below.

secInfo = system.recipe.getRecipeValueSecurity(‘Enterprise\Site\Area\Recipe Test 1\Recipe Test 1A’, ‘RV 1’, True)

#Cycle through and print the setting for each roll
for ndx in range(secInfo.getSecurityRollCount()):
recSec = [color=#FF0040]secInfo[/color].getSecurityRoll(ndx)
print recSec.getSecurityRoll()
print recSec.isAllowEdit()
print recSec.getMinValue()
print recSec.getMaxValue()

I’m not sure what your question is, but you should probably contact Sepasoft directly if there’s a problem with their documentation. They might not be monitoring our forums.

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Thanks for the heads up. As Kathy mentioned, we don’t regularly monitor the IA forum.

Feel free to use the comments in the User Manual pages at the bottom of each article if you find mistakes or have suggestions for improvements. Also, drop a line at and we’re happy to help.

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