Recommend SQL database

I am looking to implement ignition with a database for the first time. My question concerns whether to use a free or purchased database. I have completed projects in the past with Wonderware using a MS SQL Express database. I have started getting familiar with MYSQL which seems fairly straight forward.

At what point do you need to go with a purchased database? I understand SQL express has data limits but I have found nothing on limits about MYSQL.

The database portion of the project is to log approximately 500 data points every 5 minutes 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year.

I believe you’ll get the most capability for free with MySQL in the foreseeable future. All of the mentioned databases should support what you need for Ignition including free versions of MySQL, just don’t charge your customer for the software. Other DBMS systems may provide feature sets, extended program-ability, tools, or standardization that the company or IT department may want.

Below are some resources comparing free SQL databases. They are all very capable, just check the limitations before implementation. It looks like for 2012 Microsoft has a 10 GB database limitation and 4 GB ram with possibly one core (do more research before deploying - I just did a quick Google search). … press.aspx … ons-143625

viewtopic.php?f=54&t=37&p=37&hilit=mysql+express+oracle#p37 … ldatabases

We are using the open source MySQL database with about 8,000 tags and it works great.


We have used many SQL databases with Ignition and I can suggest that go with MySQL.
It is most well documented and there is huge user group in internet if help needed.
We have projects where is over 40 000 I/O done with MySQL with no problems, also just engineering system where will be over 100 000 I/O and there also planning to use MySQL.

Tommi Vahtera
THT Control Oy