Recommendation for alarm pipleline structure, number of pipelines?


I’m looking for what would be a good practice for an alarm pipeline structure. I’ve read though the alarming sections in the manual and university and have a good idea on creating pipelines, notifications, rosters, alarms, etc…, but not sure how many pipelines would be best.

We have one gateway and one project, 100,000 tags, and possibly tens of thousands of different alarms. For alarming, we have 8 different routes with a two people in each along with some other facilities that would go to a different group and a group that would get all alarms. I figured out how to get all the evaluations (priorities, groups…) done in one pipeline, however, would it be best to split those into different pipelines? Do others here split based other factors such as alarm priority, groups, etc…? Are there performance issues if done in only one pipeline vs multiple?