Recommendation for creating names for modbus addressing, possible?

We are wanting to connect to some devices directly and add custom modbus address mapping to get tag values. Is there a way to create them so that we see the actual created name instead of the register address, especially when looking at the OPC Item Path?

We are on Ignition 8.1.10.

You can name the tag whatever you want once it’s brought into Ignition, but the NodeId in the server (OPC Item Path) is only going to be either something that conforms to the Modbus addressing syntax or something prefix-based as configured on the address map page. There’s no way to free-form assign names to each tag.

This is something that will probably change in the future but the timeline is vague or non-existent. I’d like to make the address mapping for this driver work like any of the other ones, where it’s just a three column CSV with path, address, and description.

edit: wasn’t really thinking clearly - the NodeId / OPC Item Path still uses whatever driver’s addressing syntax, that part won’t change. The tag path just influences the structure and names you see when browsing the OPC address space.