Recommendation for logging in without user name (securely)

Hello again. Revisiting this topic, been doing a lot of spring cleaning in this system.

Running 7.8.5

Using RFD system to log people in. But I just want them to scan the badge and that’s it.

Cleared out a lot of useless scripts and solved the many windows open plaguing the system.

Also instead of the excel spreadsheet the old person here did. I would like to use a DB user source so we can use the vision user management component to handle accounts. I assume this will result in better lookups as well.

I’m just not sure how to grab the username from the RFID#(password) if I use the DB user source. And I hate to leave a non secure table out there to cross ref the # to a username.

What would be a good cross ref secure solution?

Thank you in advance.

The lookup has to occur somewhere, unless the RFID token has challenge-response functionality. (Or one-time password generation, etc.) It it just supplies an ID number, you can’t really call it secure. Static tokens are easily spoofed.


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