Recommendations for text editor

I decided I may change it up after getting my new SSD and loosing some stuff.

Right now I’m split between Notepad++ or VIM (leaning towards VIM)

I’m running Windows 10, suggestions appreciated.

Np++ myself, but I’ve heard Kate highly recommended.

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If you work on a headless linux servers it definitely helps to know vim since it’s always available as a text editor. Some people absolutely swear by it. I tried learning it for a bit and I can see why people become obsessed - the whole point is that you never have to take your hands off the keyboard and when you learn the shortcuts and macros you can do things at a crazy speed that really can’t be matched with a keyboard/mouse. If you got some time to kill its definitely kind of fun to learn and use.

Having said that, after a while I am back to Notepad++ for 99% of my usage (and the other 1% is not Vim).

There is a Vim plugin for VSCode if you want the shortcuts but also an IDE.

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Haven’t heard of Kate i’ll have to check it out

I’ll probably download both, and NP++ while I relearn VIM its been awhile

I’ll plug Sublime text as a very performant, very good general purpose editor. There’s also VS Code if you don’t mind the taste of Microsoft; I’ve never really gotten into it but it has some neat features.

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VSCode here, I really like their Remote Extensions.


I’ll second vscode, and nano for the terminal.


@kcollins1 those do look really neat.

VSCodium if you want VSCode without the microsoft.