Recommended bulk email smtp relays for alarming emails?

We’ve created a dummy user email account in our office 365 for relaying email alarms for clients ect. However over the course of several emails being sent, the user gets blocked as a potential spammer. To avoid having to get this unblocked multiple times over, we’d like to set things up properly with a bulk email relay service. Has anyone used bulk smtp email relay service with Ignition that they would recommend?

One of the advantages of running one’s own mailserver is that internal mail, like automated alerts to employees, never actually leave your own infrastructure in SMTP form. And therefore are never exposed to spam blockers.

Something to consider.


For some of our clients, they don’t have their own internal email, and not all emails going out are under the same domain… So not sure if that’s a long term solution for our needs as an integrator. Unless I’m misunderstanding…

Do your clients have their own mailserver? Consider recommending it to them if not. For those who can’t do so, consider running one for those clients, and having them whitelist your mailserver. Or configure your mailserver to submit to their mail infrastructure with per-client credentials.

Or configure Ignition to submit to the client’s mail provider using real client credentials.

I will look more into those options. Thank you for the suggestions.