Recommended cameras for streaming to Ignition

I have a customer that wants to add cameras to their HMI.

We were planning to use this camera Vivotek IB9388-HT which should work as far as I understand things but I haven’t tried streaming a camera to Ignition before so I wanted to ask the community.

Edit: It just occurred to me that I said “webcams” in the title. We’re going to mount a camera and want to display it on their HMI screen. They have the vision module so I assume they are talking about the IP camera control in Vision module.

I know myself and other forum users have had great success with Axis cameras.

They’re not cheap, but you get with what you pay for with regards to build and image quality.

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Thank you

I’ve now used Vivotek, Hikvision, and Amcrest cameras with my Streaming Video module:

It’s a bit of a CPU hog on the gateway if you run many cameras, but the results on a Vision client are superior. Particularly if you use the scaled streams on a multi-camera overview page.

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Thanks for the information.