Record from microphone on a perspective client

Hi, I am looking to record user audio input on a perspective client.

I’ve done it on a vision client before (easy enough with a python script since it runs on the client side).

However with perspective, I don’t really know how to access the microphone via browser. There are certain websites that uses JS like this:

However, when this page is embeded in an iFrame, it gives me this error (audio recording not supported):

So I’m wondering i’m on the right track? Could I in theory access the microphone of the client with the latest version of ignition? We are trying to avoid creating a webapp just for this purpose :smiling_face_with_tear:


You will need to write a custom module to provide a component that implements the modern WebRTC interfaces for media.

If you did, I suspect you’d find a nice market for it here. (:

Ahh thanks, I’ve never written a module before but I would be glad to take on the challenge if I have the time, any advice on where to start? (IDE? Language?)

I have basic knowledge of Java but I doubt that would be enough :sweat_smile: More of a C/C++ and Python programmer meself

Jetbrains IntelliJ for the win. (I drug my heels for years, and regret it.)

I still use Java exclusively. Kotlin boosters around here will pitch it.

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