Record in a single table SQL cumulative data

Hi guys, when you create an historian Tag, the Tag is recorded in a series of tables that are chronically sorted.


I want sqlt_data tables in a single one, but I can’t configure in the Tag properties.

How can I record SQL historian in a single table for a number of tag as fields sorted by the timestamp?
in my case, PM5300 with the fields: Energy, Power, Pf, THD’s etc


To go that way, it might be worth considering using transaction groups and generating your own table. The data won’t be as compressed in the long term though.

You can minimize the number of the historian tables by setting your historian partition length for your tag history settings, but they still will generate at a set interval.

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This is exactly what transaction groups are designed to do.

@grietveld, @pturmel Thanks once again! from a noob.