Recover tag data history

Hi All

I recently moved a historical tag to a new folder in ignition. I am now regretting it as I cannot view any tag history prior to the change.

Looking at the SQL database, I can see that the tagid 33 was retired and a new tagid of 36 was created in table sqlth_te.

Looking at the data tables I can still query and find heaps of data for the old tagid 33. Please can someone explain how to recover this data? Is it as simple as UPDATE [dbname], SET tagid = 36 WHERE tagid = 33?




Change tag name/path, keep history.

in sqlth_te table, I changed the path of the old tag to reflect the new path. I also changed the retired timestamp to (NULL). At this point, I could see all my old data. However, ignition was not logging new data.

I then used the gateway command utlity gwcmd.bat -r to restart the gateway.

All is now working.

I hope this helps someone!