Recreate Vision components look in HTML

I need to integrate an existing web page into a vision application (via the web browser module). The web page has a few buttons and dropdowns of its own, and I was wondering what’s the best/quickest way to style them to make then look as much as possible as the native vision components (other than CSS trial and error, that is!). I was thinking along the lines of getting a CSS definition, but any method will do as long as I don’t have to do everything manually.


We have a restful web services module (RWS) that allows you to integrate your own HTML page which can read/write Ignition parameters from it using your won HTML components. But it needs webDev module. It is also possible to integrate your own HTML pages from remote locations with our PubNub Remote Web Services (PRWS) module. It doesn’t need webDev but you need to have PubNub keys for remote communication over Internet.

These are available for download and evaluation from exchange protal at for RWS module and for PRWS module

Vision applications are not styled via CSS, so there’s no definition that we can provide.

I think you’ll have to do this manually if you really want a webpage to look like a Vision client. Before you decide to spend any time on this you should also consider that the Vision client Look and Feel changed in 8.0, so if you move from 7.x to 8.0 your style will be out of date.

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