Rectangle fill in a report

Is there a way to link a parameter to rectangle fill on a report?

I'd like to use a few rectangles instead of a graph. The idea was to capture the value at the time of the report without writing to a DB or creating a dataset.

You can play around with using parameters in the Basic Properties of the rectangle. As a quick test:

  • On the Data tab add a parameter reading1. Set the default value to 75.
  • On the Design tab place a pair of identical rectangles one above the other. (One will be used to compare width and position with the other.)
  • On the first rectangle set the fill color.
  • On the Scale X property, right-click and click 'Use dynamic data key'. Set the property to reading1 / 100.
  • Preview the report.

In mine it scaled the width of the green rectangle but did it from the centre. To avoid this you might want to play with the Width parameter instead. In that case I would be inclined to add a second parameter percBar100pcWidth or similar and use that as well with something like perBar100pcWidth * reading1 / 100. I didn't try it.

Thanks, that seems promising. I was trying to use fill and height properties with no luck.