Red outline overlay issue in lgnition 8.0.4-Nightly


After downloaded and installed lgnition 8.0.4-Nightly.
I found that it still has red outline overlay issue with this version.

I have about 20 function groups in two windows.
Each function groups use the same template (the template are consist of some buttons and labels). The data of each function group are retrieved and filled from OPC tag UDT (I use jsonGet() function to parse each member of OPC tag UDT and fill them in the function group template.)

When switch between two windows, the red outline overlay templates can be seen obviously (flash for about 1 second) even with Ignition 8.0.4-Nightly, which is same phenomenon as shown [BUG-13815] After Ignition upgrade to 8.0, windows are loaded with tags in error state.

So is there any workaround to solve the red outline overlay issue?

Solve it by using script in tab selection by calling function instead of its default swap function.