Red x in tag browswer

I recently got a backup of an ignition gateway with projects and other settings in. But I seem to not be able to see any tags or add any tags in the tag browser. I’ve tried looking through the forums but haven’t found anything that has worked. I don’t have any access to the OPC connections or databases that the server has used I’m not sure if that might be the main issue. I apologize if this might be a redundant post.red_x_issue

Your realtime tag provider is probably disabled - on the gateway webpage, check Configure -> Tags -> Realtime, and make sure the provider is marked as enabled. If any/all providers are enabled, make sure that they’re also the default for the project (Configure -> Projects -> Edit).


Awesome, after enabling the tag provider and setting the tag provider to the one configured I was quickly able to see the tags show up. Thanks so much.

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