Redirect SMS notification block to custom SMS server


Our client has its own SMS server which can send and receive SMS via REST API.
The Ignition library support REST API and I can send and receive SMS via python easily.

The SMS notification block only support AirLink LS300 modem or twilio account.
Now I want alarm pipeline redirect the result to my SMS server instead of AirLink LS300 or twilio.

Is it possible to create my own notification box in alarm pipeline?
Is it possible to force ignition to generate an event when alarm pipeline execute SMS notification block? so I can write my own script to send SMS?

Notification profiles are an extension point offered by the module SDK. I don’t think you’ll have much luck with any other approach.

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So there is no option to use any other SMS server except twilio :frowning:

Can you offer much cheaper GSM modem for replacing AirLink?

Any GSM modem which accept AT by telnet connection should be work. right?

No, only Airlink modems work. The module doesn’t use generic AT commands, it uses a UDP-based API provided by the Airlink models.

A generic AT-based GSM modem notification profile has been floating around on the low priority list for a long time but we just haven’t been able to get to it.

There is an open source module on GitHub that supports generic GSM modems. Of course there is no support and no guarantee that your specific modem will work.

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Thanks Chi
I install the module and in New Alarm Notification Profile there is option for GSM modem but in setting page it only accept host and port in modem connection selection. Is it possible to use AT commands base serial modem like “Wavecom Fastrack M1306B”?
If it is not please tell me which modems I can use for this module.

The host and port are the settings for the modems Ethernet (telnet) port. The module uses AT commands on this port.
Serial ports are not supported, in fact I am surprised that there are still modems with serial RS232 port available. You could try an serial to Ethernet converter, but that might be more expensive than a new modem.

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Please tell the list of supported GSM modem you use with your module successfully. I will choose one from them.
Do you have any plan to support it for ignition v8.0?

Generally all GSM modems that accept AT commands on an ethernet/telnet connection should work. We are using the ‘GSM GPRS Modem / LAN’ from ConiuGo.
There will be an Ignition 8 version, but maybe not with the 8.0 release.

1 Like now shows the Airlink RV50X ( and presumably Airlink RV50XE ) ***** if you have not resolved the issue.
I believe that Mr. Herron was referring to the ALEOS Application Framework portion for ’ UDP.’… just a guess, because that may be a proprietary (OEM guarded) feature. ( now see RV50X, RV50XE )- I recommend that you check the datasheet carefully for your specific telephone carrier approval and/or Authority approval eg. FCC, IC,PTCRB,CE,RCM,GCF,R&TTE,JRF/JPA
Best regards- J.L.L.