Redirect.txt not working

I’m working on rolling out ignition to more of our thin clients but our terminal server has limited disk space.

I thought I would use redirect.txt in the C:\Users\USERNAME.ignition directory to force the users to share a cache, but all the files are still going in the users .ignition directory instead of the folder I put right on the C drive and referenced in the redirect.txt file.

I’ve tried with and without trailing slashes and with/without a trailing newline in the file.

Ignition version 8.1.14 and client version 1.1.0

Can you share the contents of your redirect file? When sharing code make to format it with the </> button.

I went to copy the file to my computer so I could upload it and I found what the problem was.

I had created a new account on the terminal server and “hide known filename extensions” was on. So the file was really named redirect.txt.txt

Yet another reason that is the worst default option in computer history.


Glad you figured it out, nice to see you back on the forum.