If you take 2 items like squares and set one to visible / not visible on a 1 sec timer, then create 50 sets of those pairs on a window, everything works fine. Now group the pairs before creating 50 on the screen and the window (possibly the whole environment) pauses for almost a second after each timer event. Its possible to create our graphical components without using grouping, but it becomes difficult to edit after a while if each element is composed of 6 or 7 parts.

You can change the groups into a container and check the “combine paints” option.

Is that something new in 7.5.1? It works beautifully there thank you, But I have another project that is currently 7.5.0. The combine repaints isn’t available in the properties after I convert the window to a container.

That’s correct - this was a feature added in for 7.5.1.

Great. Now Part 2: Similar issue. If the groups are distributed across a few templates, and then pulled into the window, same problem…if I go into the template and ungroup them, everything is fine. No option in Templates to combine repaints??

So each group within each template is set to combine repaints, right? And it is still exhibiting sluggish behavior?

I don’t see the option to combine repaints on the groups. Wouldn’t it need to be a property of the template?

Are you talking about having the entire template have a “combine repaints” property? So that each “group” within the template, if you have multiple groups on the same template, would inherit that property and be set to combine repaints?

I think so. I’m not up on everything that happens behind the scenes, but the combine repaints option fixed the problem as long as the components were all placed directly on the window. But if all the same components were distributed between half a dozen templates and then the templates were placed on the window, the problem is back, even if the window has combine repaints turned on.

I should add that if I place un-grouped components in the templates. There is no pause or lag. Everything works fine.

I think I get what you’re saying. Unfortunately, I’m having a tough time reproducing the issue, can you attach a project demo that exhibits this behavior? If it has sensitive data, let me know and I can issue you a ticket number to upload it to our file server.

GROUPS (2012-08-06).proj (115 KB)

Nothing sensitive. I just mocked something up so you wouldn’t have to wade through our whole project. The ball dropping down the side illustrates the lag. Its worse in our actual project.

I’m having one of the developers look into this, it looks like combine repaints needs to be optimized for handling grouping. I will submit a bug ticket, and will update this thread once the bug is fixed.

Thank you.

Thank you for the very clear SSCCE.

You were correct: the template object needed the “Combine Repaints” option that the container has. This has been added for 7.5.2.

Good news. Is there a projected release date for 7.5.2?

The estimated release date for 7.5.2 is next Wednesday. However, you can download the beta right now from our website.

Caveat! The beta that’s up there right now won’t have the fix in question here.

I grabbed 7.5.2-beta4 b1130.

Theres no Combine repaints in templates properties yet. Am I looking in the right place?

You were looking in the right place for getting the beta…but like Carl said, that change isn’t in the beta, it will be in the 7.5.2 stable release next week. Sorry about the confusion.