Reducing Ignition Edge memory footprint

We’re using Ignition Edge for some field work on devices with a very small compute budget (1GB of RAM or less). Ignition Edge appears to fit on these devices and performs decently, however it takes almost half the available RAM (~400-500 MB). Are there any strategies we can use to reduce the memory footprint at all? We’re already uninstalling all non-essential modules and setting to 256 under data/conf. Just wanted to ask if there’s any more aggressive measures we could be taking.

Hello fshriver,

You may be able to configure more aggressive garbage collection, but with that little memory, the GC should already be pretty aggressive. You’ll also need to be mindful of what your system is doing. You’ll need to minimize device connections and the number of tags on the system. Allocating that little memory may cause issues and 1GB of RAM is the minimum to meet Edge system requirements.