Redudancy with docker, client connection to backup gateway

Good morning
I have a problem:

Version ignition 8.1.14
Windows 10 Pro 21H1
Docker desktop version version 4.5.0 (74594)

I’m doing a redundancy test with 2 docker instances as an attached schema.

Redundancy is correctly connected between the 2 servers within the docker network via ip 172.19.0.x

The client is on the host machine and connects to the master gateway via exposed port 9088 on ip
I connect correctly from the browser both to the master gateway on port 9088 and to backup on port 9188.

In the client launcher configuration I insert the master IP, but the address of the “gateway.redundancy” within the configuration automatically takes the IP configured as a backup on the redundancy settings (ie

Going to modify the parameter in C: \ Users \ User \ .ignition \ clientlauncher-datavision-client-launcher.json by inserting the correct backup address http://localhost:9188 instead of (that is internal docker) , and starting the project, the client always points to


The question is:

Is it possible to make the client point to a different backup gateway than the one set up in the redundant gateway?


You can set a Public HTTP address that will be delivered to clients and designers for both servers:

Hi, thanks for reply.

I need to setting in both master and server gateway

public address :localhost
public port : 9088

public address :localhost
public port : 9188



Ok i will put instead localhost, ip and work thanks

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