Redundancy change and bug fix from 7.7 to 7.8?

Is there any improvments for gateway redundancy in 7.7 and 7.8 ?
We have lot of troubles (lots of duplicate alarms in alarms status view after gateway failover) and we really need to get rid of this bug :imp:

Redundancy hasn’t changed at all. The problem you’re having with alarm redundancy- which is an active ticket through support- will eventually be fixed in 7.7 (once we figure out what’s going on, since the patch attempt last week apparently didn’t help), and then that fix will be merged into 7.8.

On a side note, we should be able to work a little quicker now that the ICC is over.

Yes the patch don t solve the issue and it create deadly side effect on gateway failover. We have send the data to the support to help you to solve this issue.
Feel free to plan another gotomeeting next week as quick as possible.
We will upgrade to 7.8 later, when this issue will be solved in 7.7.x