Redundancy database configuration

hi, I have some questions about database redundancy.

If configured as in the picture, is this different from the case of master and backup (warm)?

If it is different, should all gateways be configured as a single gateway rather than gateway redundancy?

thanks for reading!

Yes, this diagram has no redundancy. If a server crashes, nothing takes its place. Redundant pairs don't do extra work for performance, they are doubled to handle a server crash. The scale-out layouts are orthogonal to redundancy setups.

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what does it mean?

It means that in any non-Edge non-Maker organization of Ignition servers, where an Independent (non-redundant) Gateway is shown, a redundant pair could be used instead.

i have some question.

When configured as above, is it not necessary to install the tag historian module in the master gateway?

and Do I need to install perspective module for database gateway?

There are so many possibilities that I can't really answer that. Perhaps you should share some real-world application specifications with IA sales engineering. So you an get an official answer for your actual situation.